HAMH aims to connect alumni with an interest in mental health – whether personal or professional – and to create a network among them to support each other and current Harvard undergraduate and graduate students similarly interested in the topic. HAMH consists of alumni currently active in mental health professions, as well as alumni interested in mental health, particularly among college students and young adults. Although initially heavily populated with College alumni, HAMH offers a next-step for mental health groups across the University, such as peer education groups (Student Mental Health Liaisons, Drug and Alcohol Peer Advisers), peer counseling groups (Room 13, Eating Concerns Hotline, Contact, Peer Contraceptive Counselors, Response), College Peer Advising Fellows, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Mental Health Alliance, and similar organizations from the College and the graduate and professional schools.
The main goals of the group are to connect alumni across schools and years, to facilitate dialogue, and to reach out to current students.

If you are interested in joining, please contact us at harvardmentalhealthsig@gmail.com

Supporting Alumni Mental Health

Current events have exacerbated mental health conditions worldwide. To examine the need for access to mental health support services within the Harvard University alumni network, HAMH releases this brief survey today. Complete to participate in the development of a new program designed to support HAA mental health!